Aeronautics and Astronautics Educational Institutions (HUBEK) continues to offer a unique experience to students.

Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center (GUHEM) hosted the High School Winter School Camp organized by Aviation and Astronautics Educational Institutions (HUBEK). The camp provided students with an opportunity to step into the exciting world of aviation and space sciences, while also allowing them to have an educational and interactive experience.

Young Intelligences Met with Aviation and Astronautics at GUHEM

The winter school camp held this year (January 30-February 1) took place in the modern facilities of GUHEM. Various activities were offered to students to increase their curiosity about the depths of space and improve their knowledge in the field of aviation. Participants had pleasant moments with flight simulations and learned the basic principles of space exploration in the workshops held by expert instructors.

A Week Full of Innovation and Technology

In seminars held throughout the camp, students were informed about the latest developments in the aviation industry and new discoveries in space sciences. In addition, practical experiences carried out in GUHEM’s modern laboratories provided students with the opportunity to develop their skills in the field of innovation and technology.

Enjoyable Memories and Lasting Links

In the social events held during the camp, students had fun and had the opportunity to meet each other and share information. Stargazing events held at night offered participants the chance to discover the mysteries of the stars and planets in the sky.

HUBEK: We Shape the Future of Aviation

Aviation and Astronautics Educational Institutions (HUBEK) continues to provide guidance to young generations about education and career opportunities in the field of aviation and space sciences with this event in GUHEM. HUBEK’s mission is to train young minds as leaders in the aviation industry and to contribute to their representation of our country internationally.

Participants and their families left with satisfaction

When the camp ended, participating students and their families expressed their satisfaction that they had an unforgettable experience and had a unique educational opportunity. GUHEM and HUBEK will continue to train future aviation and space science leaders and contribute to Turkey’s success in this field.

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