The purpose of the IR(A) modular flight training course is; To train pilots at the required proficiency level to operate in aircraft under IFR and IMC conditions. This course consists of two modules that can be taken separately or together;

  • Basic instrument flight module. It consists of 10:00 hours of instrument flight training, with a maximum of 05:00 hours being ground time in a BIDT FNPTI/II or FFS. Upon completion of the basic instrument flight module, candidates are issued a course completion certificate.
  • Procedural instrument flight module; This module consists of the remaining training subjects in the IR(A) curriculum, 40:00 hours of single engine or 45:00 hours of multi-engine instrument flight training and IR(A) theoretical knowledge training.

Applicants for the Modular IR(A) course must hold a PPL(A) or CPL(A) with night flying privileges. An applicant for the procedural instrument flight module who is not a CPL(A) must have a course completion certificate for the Basic instrument flight module.


  • Being at least 18 years old,
  • Being at least a high school graduate or equivalent,
  • To have a valid first class health certificate issued by aviation medical centers authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.
  • At least PPL(A) in the relevant aircraft category and,
  1. Provided that at least 10:00 hours for aircraft or helicopters and at least 20:00 hours for airships are in the relevant aircraft category; Must have completed at least 20:00 hours of Navigation flight as pilot-in-command in aircraft, TMGs, helicopters or airships.
  2. Helicopters only: Applicants who have completed the ATP(H)/IR, ATP(H), CPL(H)/IR or CPL(H) integrated training course are exempt from the requirement set out in (b).
  3. If a multi-engine aircraft will be used in the skill test, to complete at least 05:00 hours of multi-engine instrument flight training, including a maximum of 3 hours in FNPT II, following the multi-engine orientation training.
  4. Candidates with IR(H) must have completed the bridge theoretical knowledge training before starting the course.


They receive 18 hours of theoretical knowledge training before the flight.


Students receive 50:00 hours of training (35 hours simulator + 15 hours airplane flight) during IR (A) training.

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