The purpose of the FI (A) course is to provide training to pilots with a Private or Commercial Pilot license in accordance with the proficiency level required by the FI (A) certificate and to provide them with the knowledge and skills of flight instructors. To this end; The candidate’s technical knowledge level should be updated, the necessary theoretical knowledge and flight exercises training should be given, he should ensure that he reaches the level of teaching ground and air movements, his flight qualifications should be at a high standard, he should teach basic training principles and teaching principles, and apply these principles at the private pilot PPL (A) level. must be provided and taught how to use them at their level.


  • Being at least 18 years old,
  • Being at least a high school graduate or equivalent,
  • To have a valid first class health certificate issued by aviation medical centers authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.
  • Total flight experience must be at least 200 hours, of which at least 100.00 hours must have been flown as pilot-in-command. For those with a PPL license, flight time as pilot-in-command must be 150 hours.
  • Must have taken the theoretical courses and passed the exams required to obtain a commercial pilot license.
  • To have flown a single-engine piston aircraft for at least 30 hours. At least 5 hours of this period must have been flown 6 months before the pre-flight test flight.
  • Having received at least 10 hours of instrument flight training.
  • Having 20 hours of navigational flight as pilot-in-command. This period should include a 540-kilometer flight to two different airports, with two landings and take-offs at full stop.
  • To be successful in the proficiency check with an authorized flight instructor. This flight test must be carried out within 6 months before the start of the course.


Candidates receive a total of 125:00 hours of theory training, including development tests, during their FI training.


Candidates receive a total of 30:00 hours of flight training during their FI training.

Aviation and Astronautics Educational Institutions HUBEK is an organization established in 2022 to meet the increasing need for qualified pilots in the fast-growing aviation industry.

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