Science Life Schools organizes a special career promotion event for high school students. On this important day, which will take place on February 23, as HUBEK, we will give a seminar on “Pilot Profession”. With the presentation of our Training Coordinator Engin Aşlakcı, topics such as the definition of the pilot profession, civil and military aviation fields, and the basic duties and responsibilities of pilots will be discussed. In addition, valuable information will be shared on the steps to be followed on the way to becoming a pilot, the training and licensing process, the difficulties and rewards of the profession.

This seminar offers a unique opportunity for young people interested in aviation. Don’t miss this special day where you can learn everything you want about the pilot career!

📅 Date: 23 February 2024
📍 Location: Science Life Schools

Visit our website for details and registration. Are you ready to step into the world of aviation?

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