Flight Enthusiasts Start Classes on April 15

An exciting opportunity opens for those who are passionate about aviation! Registration for Private Pilot License (PPL(A)) courses has started and classes will start on April 15.

Aeronautics and Astronautics Educational Institutions (HUBEK), one of Turkey’s leading aviation training centers, has started to accept applications for the new term PPL(A) courses. This course offers individuals the opportunity to enter the world of aviation and obtain their private pilot license.

Aviation enthusiasts will have the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge accompanied by expert instructors in the field of aviation, with the courses starting on April 15. Throughout the course, students will be given detailed training on subjects such as flight principles, navigation techniques, communicating with air traffic control and aviation security.

The PPL(A) course offered by the Aviation Academy offers participants the opportunity to improve their flight skills and advance themselves in the field of aviation, while also providing the opportunity to have an exciting experience.

Anyone who is interested in aviation, those who want to take a step in their career in the aviation industry or just experience the passion for flying can apply from the official website of Aviation and Astronautics Educational Institutions (HUBEK) to benefit from this unique opportunity.

To step into the fascinating world of aviation, join the PPL(A) courses that will start on April 15 and enjoy freedom in the sky!

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