Aviation Safety: The Fundamentals of Trust in the Sky

Aviation is a tremendous industry that expands the borders of humanity, connects the world and makes fast transportation possible. But in this exciting and functional sector, alongside a range of activities such as passenger and cargo transportation, safety must be the first priority. Aviation safety […]

Door to the Sky: Flight Training Experiences

Introduction: Flight training is a symbol of freedom that many people dream of. This exciting experience offers an unforgettable adventure for both professional pilot candidates and those who just want to fly as a hobby. 1. Flight School Selection and Getting Started: It is very […]

Aviation of the Future and the Pilot Profession

Today, the aviation industry is rapidly adapting to technological and environmental changes. Here are some important headlines about the aviation of the future and the pilot profession: 1. Autonomous Flight Technologies:With the advancement of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, autonomous flights may be the norm […]

Civilian and Military Piloting: Differences and Similarities

<p class=”p1″>Let’s discuss the detailed differences between civilian and military piloting:</p> <p class=”p1″><b>1. Training Process:</b></p> <p class=”p1″><span class=”Apple-converted-space”>   </span>- Civilian pilots typically train at civil aviation schools and are licensed according to standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or similar civilian authorities .</p> […]