Lise Öğrencilerine Özel Pilotaj Oryantasyon Eğitimleri

High School Pilotage Orientation Program is a training program designed to introduce high school students to the piloting profession and to provide them with basic knowledge and skills before starting pilot training. This training program is suitable for high school students who are interested in a pilot career and want to improve themselves in this field. High School Pilot Orientation Program consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.

Theoretical Education: Theoretical education gives students basic information about aviation and flight. Theoretical training covers 9 main subjects:

    • Aviation Law
    • Flight Performance and Planning
    • Human Performance and Its Limits
    • Meteorology
    • Navigation
    • Flight Principles
    • Airplane General Information
    • Flight Rules and Safety
    • Radio Communication

    Theoretical education period is 21 weeks on average in 1 academic year and includes a total of 126 hours of lessons. At the end of theoretical training, students take the exam held by the school. Students who are successful in the exam begin their pilot license training.

    Practical Training: Practical training provides students with aircraft operating skills. Practical training covers 2 main stages:

        • Flight Simulator Phase: In this phase, students fly in the airplane simulator. An airplane simulator is a device that simulates a real airplane. In the airplane simulator, students get to know the airplane, learn cockpit control, take off and land, fly level, turn, climb and descend.
        • Real Flight Phase: In this phase, students fly in a real airplane. In actual flight, students sit next to an instructor pilot and operate the aircraft under his direction. In real flight, students demonstrate their flying skills and experience flying.

    The average practical training period is 8 weeks and includes 8 hours of flight training in a total of 1 academic year. At the end of the practical training, students receive a certificate of participation.

    Application Conditions: To apply for the High School Pilot Orientation Program, the following conditions must be met:

        • Being at least 14 years old
        • Being at least a secondary school graduate
        • Obtaining a health license from health institutions authorized by DGCA
        • Successful in the English proficiency exam administered by the school
        • Successfully passing the flight school entrance exam

    Application Method: To apply for the High School Pilotage Orientation Program, go to our website You can fill out the online application form. After your application is evaluated, you will be contacted via e-mail or phone.