We can examine our blog post on the general secrets of long-range flights under several headings. Some of these are;

1. Choosing the Right Seat for a Comfortable Travel: Choosing the right seat is of great importance for a comfortable travel on long flights. You can find the ideal seat by evaluating the advantages of window seat, aisle seat and seat options close to emergency exit points. Window seats offer spectacular views, while aisle seats provide greater freedom of movement. Seats close to emergency exit points can offer larger space. Detailed seat selection strategies and information about experiences will be included in this section.

2. Movement and Stretching Routine: Sitting in the plane for a long time can cause stiffness and pain in the body. In this section, discover ways to protect your body health with simple exercises and stretching techniques you can do during the flight. Exercise during travel can reduce fatigue by increasing blood circulation and make you feel more energetic at your destination.

3. Proper Nutrition and Hydration: Proper nutrition and adequate fluid intake are an important part of maintaining your overall health and energy levels on long flights. In this section, you will find food and beverage options available on board, as well as how to prepare your own healthy snacks, regulate fluid intake, and nutritional strategies to reduce the effects of jet lag.

4. Sleep Pattern and Jet Lag Management: Aligning your sleep pattern with flight time is the key to reducing travel fatigue. Discover how you can optimize the in-flight environment and the benefits of using tools such as sleep masks and earplugs. Practical tips for regulating your sleep to minimize the effects of jet lag are waiting for you in this section.

5. Entertainment and Passing Time: Consider various entertainment options to make your time on the plane enjoyable. Movie and TV series recommendations, book lists, music lists and information about useful entertainment systems will be included in this section. Discover ways to entertain and relax yourself during your travel.

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